shri shankar bhagwan: 108 Names of "Lord Shiva", Lord Shiva Symbolism, Different names of Lord Shiva with Meaning , Maha Mrityunjay Mantra with Video, Photos & Pictures

Thursday, August 4, 2011

108 Names of "Lord Shiva", Lord Shiva Symbolism, Different names of Lord Shiva with Meaning , Maha Mrityunjay Mantra with Video, Photos & Pictures

Aashutosh-One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly
Akshayaguna-God With Limitless Attributes
Anagha-Without Any Fault
Anantadrishti-Of Infinite Vision
Augadh-One Who Revels All The Time
Avyayaprabhu-Imperishable Lord
Bhairav-Lord Of Terror
Bhalanetra-One Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
Bholenath-Kind Hearted Lord
Bhooteshwara-Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings
Bhudeva-Lord Of The Earth
Bhutapala-Protector Of The Ghosts
Chandrapal-Master Of The Moon
Chandraprakash-One Who Has Moon As A Crest
Devadeva-Lord Of The Lords
Dhanadeepa-Lord Of Wealth
Dhyanadeep-Icon Of Meditation And Concentration
Dhyutidhara-Lord Of Brilliance
Digambara-Ascetic Without Any Clothes
Durjaneeya-Difficult To Be Known
Gangadhara-Lord Of River Ganga
Girijapati-Consort Of Girija
Gunagrahin-Acceptor Of Gunas
Gurudeva-Master Of All
Hara-Remover Of Sins
Jagadisha-Master Of The Universe
Jaradhishamana-Redeemer From Afflictions
Jatin-One Who Has Matted Hair
Kailas-One Who Bestows Peace
Kailashadhipati-Lord Of Mount Kailash
Kailashnath-Master Of Mount Kailash
Kamalakshana-Lotus-Eyed Lord
Kapalin-One Wears A Necklace Of Skulls
Khatvangin-One Who Has The Missile Khatvangin In His Hand
Kundalin-One Who Wears Earrings
Lalataksha-One Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
Lingadhyaksha-Lord Of The Lingas
Lingaraja-Lord Of The Lingas
Lokankara-Creator Of The Three Worlds
Lokapal-One Who Takes Care Of The World
Mahabuddhi-Extremely Intelligent
Mahadeva-Greatest God
Mahakala-Lord Of All Times
Mahamaya-Of Great Illusions
Mahamrityunjaya-Great Victor Of Death
Mahanidhi-Great Storehouse
Mahashaktimaya-One Who Has Boundless Energies
Mahayogi-Greatest Of All Gods
Mahesha-Supreme Lord
Maheshwara-Lord Of Gods
Nagabhushana-One Who Has Serpents As Ornaments
Nataraja-King Of The Art Of Dancing
Nilakantha-Blue Necked Lord
Nityasundara-Ever Beautiful
Nrityapriya-Lover Of Dance
Omkara-Creator Of OM
Palanhaar-One Who Protects Everyone
Parameshwara-First Among All Gods
Paramjyoti-Greatest Splendour
Pashupati-Lord Of All Living Beings
Pinakin-One Who Has A Bow In His Hand
Pranava-Originator Of The Syllable Of OM
Priyabhakta-Favourite Of The Devotees
Priyadarshana-Of Loving Vision
Pushkara-One Who Gives Nourishment
Pushpalochana-One Who Has Eyes Like Flowers
Ravilochana-Having Sun As The Eye
Rudra-The Terrible
Rudraksha-One Who Has Eyes Like Rudra
Sadashiva-Eternal God
Sanatana-Eternal Lord
Sarvacharya-Preceptor Of All
Sarvashiva-Always Pure
Sarvatapana-Scorcher Of All
Sarvayoni-Source Of Everything
Sarveshwara-Lord Of All Gods
Shambhu-One Who Bestows Prosperity
Shankara-One Who Gives Happiness
Shiva-Always Pure
Shoolin-One Who Has A Trident
Shrikantha-Of Glorious Neck
Shrutiprakasha-Illuminator Of The Vedas
Shuddhavigraha-One Who Has A Pure Body
Skandaguru-Preceptor Of Skanda
Someshwara-Lord Of All Gods
Sukhada-Bestower Of Happiness
Suprita-Well Pleased
Suragana-Having Gods As Attendants
Sureshwara-Lord Of All Gods
Tejaswani-One Who Spreads Illumination
Trilochana-Three-Eyed Lord
Trilokpati-Master Of All The Three Worlds
Tripurari-Enemy Of Tripura
Trishoolin-One Who Has A Trident In His Hands
Umapati-Consort Of Uma
Vachaspati-Lord Of Speech
Vajrahasta-One Who Has A Thunderbolt In His Hands
Varada-Granter Of Boons
Vedakarta-Originator Of The Vedas
Veerabhadra-Supreme Lord Of The Nether World
Vishalaksha-Wide-Eyed Lord
Vishveshwara-Lord Of The Universe
Vrishavahana-One Who Has Bull As His Vehicle

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